Sisseton Livestock Auction, Inc.

Sisseton Livestock Auction, Inc.

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Where Buyer and Seller Meet

Office 605.698.4343 Thursdays
8:30 Hogs and Sheep
9:00 Butcher Cows
10:30 Fat Cattle
1:00 Bred Cows
11:00 Stocker & Feeder Cattle
Horse Sale Schedule
12:00 Horses and Tack
March 3
June 2
September 1
December 1
Dan Gomarko (c) 605.268.1295
FAX 605.698.4495 Dan Gomarko (h) 605.738.2443
LeRoy Hellwig 605.698.3838 Richard Hanson 605.880.8995
Blaine Hellwig 605.698.3488 Sam Hanson 605.520.6349
Tyler Hellwig 605.237.2567 Greg Johnson 320.808.3228
  Adam Hoffman 605.770.2159
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John Knebel 605.380.2609
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Physical Address
1020 3rd Avenue West
Sisseton, SD 57262
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P.O. Box 275
Sisseton, SD 57262
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* * * * * * * * * * * Horse Sale Schedule * * * * * * * * * *
~ March 2nd, 2015 ~ June 1st, 2015 ~ Sept. 7th, 2015 ~ Dec. 7th, 2015 ~
The sales will remain on the first Monday of the Scheduled month

Thursday December 18TH, 2014...8:30 am Hogs & Sheep...9:00 am Cows and Bulls...followed by (Approximately 10:30) Fed Cattle...followed by (Approximately 12:00) Bred Cows and Pairs...

Friday December 19TH, 2014...NO SALE...

Thursday December 25TH, 2014...~*~NO SALE DUE TO HOLIDAY~*~ Wishing you the best of the Holiday season...Merry Christmas, have a Happy and Prospersous New Year...

Friday December 26TH, 2014...~*~NO SALE DUE TO HOLIDAY~*~

An example of Marketing what you grow.

A calf weighing 500 lbs. at $3.00 equals $1500.00

Distillers $60.00/ton $.03x15 lbs.=$.45
Hay $70.00/ton $.035x10 lbs.=$.35
Corn at $4/bu $140.00/ton $.07x7.5 lbs.=$.52

$.57/lb. gained x 400 lbs. (2.33 lbs/day) $228.00

Yardage at $.35/day x 175 days $61.25

$1785.25/900lbs. Total break even cost $1.98/lb.

Interest, Veterinary, Supplements, Death loss not included.

Insurance is available to minimize risk. If you are interested in insuring your cattle give us a call as (605) 698-4343.

These numbers can change daily.

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